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PRESENTATION OF the watch designer

Frédéric Jouvenot founded his private limited company in 2008 to express his talent as a designer of inventive fine watches:

  • The creation of the first chronograph in history fitted with an automatic winding mechanism which is completely visible in the dial, showing the beauty of the movement.
  • The production of a unique piece – a removable chronograph watch inserted in a luxury phone set with diamonds.

These first extraordinary designs, backed up by his experience, attracted the attention of active partners from different countries.

Frédéric Jouvenot’s career to reach this point was atypical and courageous: After micro-mechanic, micro-technician and sales studies, Frédéric Jouvenot was not naturally destined for a career in watchmaking.

The production of a tomographic scanner for the prestigious Centre Suisse d’Electrotechnique and Micro-technique (CSEM) opened the doors to the selective world of fine watchmaking. He thus joined the Minerva factory.

There he developed a house calibre, a few complications and a mystery tourbillon without hands at the age of 27.

In 2005, he decided to raise a new challenge and became a partner in a complication development company. There, he fully expressed his talent by creating movements for independent brands and for established watchmakers; a discreet man, his name never appeared on the dial of watches.

In 2008 he decided to create his eponymous brand: he funded the filing of the patents, the production of his chronograph with the Hélios collection and the first marketing actions by trading-in rare timepieces. He also restored antique pieces that he sold to collectors.

In 2010 presentation of the HELIOS-model at the Baselworld exhibition. The world first with a mechanical sundial.

January 2011 – winner of the Superwatch Award in Geneva with the HELIOS model featured the time with 24 jumping hours. Above the picture of the complication sizing 12 mm diameter and 5 mm high case which contains no fewer than 100 parts, including 24 rubies which will activate the hour’s jumping beams.

In 2014 the creation with the Surya line, an intricate design aimed at women:


At this year's Baselworld show, Frédéric Jouvenot is presenting a new model named
Sîn, after the Mesopotamian god of the moon. 

In terms of its complexity and unorthodox time display, it needs shun no comparison with the company's other unusual creations.

Baselworld 2011

Baselworld 2011

First participation of Frédéric Jouvenot to Baselworld 2011


GTE Superwatch Award

Frédéric Jouvenot wins superwatch award

7:30pm: a large audience had gathered at GTE 2011, impatient to learn the name of the winner of the 1st Superwatch Award. A few minutes later all was revealed: the jury unanimously voted Frédéric Jouvenet's Helios as the most accomplished independent watch in terms of design, avant-garde nature and technique. Ressence and Heritage Watch Manufactory were named runners-up.

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